Mereside CE

Our Vision for EYFS

At Mereside CE Primary Academy all of our practice is underpinned by our core Christian values. We want children to be happy, confident, well rounded individuals with a love of learning.  We believe that every child is unique and that everyday should provide exciting opportunities to explore, interact and take on new challenges.

This verse from the Bible sums up the core of our beliefs "I have come that you may have life- life in all its fullness." John 10:10 

We are committed to developing our children as learners and view the Characteristics of Effective Learning as the golden thread that runs through all we do, promoting skills for life long learning. 

We prioritise attainment in the Prime Areas of learning as success in these enables children to achieve in the Specific areas of learning such as Reading and Writing. 

We believe strongly in the importance of children learning through developmentally appropriate play. Learning should be fun and engaging and should support the individual needs of each child and build on their own interests. 

We value the importance of our indoor and outdoor environments and the opportunities for learning they provide.

We regard the adults in our setting as an invaluable resource. Their role in providing high quality interactions that help our children develop their skills and understanding are crucial to ur children's learning and development. They are also excellent role models who help ensure the well-being of the children in our setting.

We view parents as partners. We strive to work together sharing a commitment to giving children the best possible start to their school life through teaching them skills which ensure their well-being now and success in the future.