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 On this page are documents related to keeping children and staff safe at home and school and documents explaining how we provide remote learning. Further information about keeping your child safe online can be found in the Pupil Zone area of our website.  

 Child Protection Policy Addendum JANUARY 2021 update Mereside.docxDownload
 Coronavirus visitor and contractor agreement.docDownload
 Risk assessment revised version for January 21 revisions.docDownload
 Update COVID 19 procedures January 2021.docxDownload
 Ventilation routines for colder weather updated Jan 21.docxDownload
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 Accessing Teams via PS4 and X Box.docxDownload
 How we are providing remote learning.docxDownload
 Online Course for Parents to Supportt Home Learning.docxDownload
 Remote education tips for children.pdfDownload
 Remote education tips for Parents.pdfDownload
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