Mereside CE

Mental Health and Well Being

At this challenging time we need to ensure we are taking care of each other. As a school we want to offer and guidance and help to support you.

Keep checking below as we will update this page with new advice/ guidance as it arrives.

Here are some useful contacts for Domestic Abuse Advice and Support ...


Here are some ideas to help with Worries

Free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler

Axel Scheffler has illustrated a digital book for primary school age children, free for anyone to read on screen or print out, about the coronavirus and the measures taken to control it. 

If your child is struggling or behaving differently to how they normally do, this image may give you some insight into how they may be feeling.

Stay calm, offer them reassurance and support them in calming down with understanding. Offer a drink or a snack, spend some time together doing calm activities such as colouring in and then talk through their worries. You might consider starting your sentence with 'I wonder if you're feeling...'